For your branding and signage needs, we at Sharpline Graphix will help assist you to gain a larger target audience!

Sharpline Graphix established in 1989 and is located in Cape Town, Montague Gardens. We specialise in vehicle branding, but we are also experts in other signage media services. From indoor signage to outdoor signage, tinting and frosting, as well as car decals and magnetic signage; we do it all! We can help you create a logo design that stands out from the crowd. We can help you create a brand identity that incorporates your vision. We can help you create an in-store signage that is aesthetically pleasing to your client’s. We can design the relationship between you and your customer–between you and the world.


From ideas to reality, we can help you gain brand awareness that helps brand power. This is achieved through a “sit-in” service, whereby you meet with us to collaborate on your design. In this case, you have all the creative control and we guide you in the process of creating your design. We value the relationship between us and our clients’ that we meet you at your desired address to discuss and measure your digital signage or cut vinyl signage.


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We understand that advertising in Cape Town is a competitive industry; however, what makes us unique is our mission, our vision and our goal. Our vision is to build a relationship with you as a client. We will help guide you to achieve your goals through creating a brand that is quintessential to your vision in order to gain brand power.  We believe in our mission to help create, innovate advertising and expand your ideas by prioritising your mission through designing not only your present brand, but your future brand. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal and ensure that your needs are met. We may specialise in vehicle branding and other services, but we believe that your needs remain our fundamental priority.  At Sharpline Graphix, it is quintessential that we mediate with you, collaborate with you, and facilitate your ideas in order to understand your mission, your vision and your goals. We recommend the highest quality materials at a lower cost in order to achieve maximum satisfaction.  Do not worry about whether or not your design is effective, do not stress about whether or not your brand stands out amongst your competitors, because with Sharpline Graphix we ensure that your brand is quintessential and faithful to your vision.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the vinyl last?

“It depends on the way the vehicle is stored and how much the vinyl is exposed to direct sunlight. It should last no less then three years.”

Can I reuse the decals?

“Decals cannot be reused because it is permanent.”

How long will my sign last?

“The lifespan of a sign depends on whether it is indoor or outdoor and what materials it is made from. We only provide the best material for each case to extend the longevity of a sign.”

Can I use a picture from my business card?

“Our process requires a digital copy of your logo. Any artwork you require will need to either be in the format”

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“My Experience with Sharpline Graphix has been nothing but Exceptional. I’ve been supporting them for a few years now and the level of service, expertise and professionalism has been nothing short of amazing. Dean knows his STUFF! Sharpline is always competitively priced without compromising the quality of the materials used. I’d recommend Sharpline Graphix to anyone and EVERYONE!”

-Calvin-Ross Holder – Mysleep sleep clinic

“Dean and the guys at Sharpline Graphix are great! Super prompt responses to all queries, and a generally professional outfit, coupled with a keen eye for detail in the installation, made these guys a pleasure to work with. We’ll definitely be using them in future again.”

-Andre De Jager – Head of Link Way Church




We understand that the advertising industry in Cape Town is a competitive and progressive industry. Our vision aims towards understanding the future of advertising. We believe in expanding the world of advertising by implementing new, fresh and exciting ways to advertise.


At Sharpline Graphix our mission is to help you create, innovate and expand your brand in the world of advertising. With our help we collaborate with you with ideas to help design your brand that cultivates a long-lasting impression. We prioritise your needs to achieve maximum satisfaction at a lower cost. We don’t only prioritise our collaboration with you, but we prioritise our relationship with you.


Sharpline Graphix aims to grow in the advertising industry. We believe the only way to accommodate your needs is to create easy, efficient and new ways to effectively help you gain a brand power. Our goal aims to continue to offer our services that satisfy your needs without any problems.