At Sharpline Graphix, we have a team that is loyal to providing you with the service according to your specifications. We are always happy to assist you with Vehicle Branding, Signage, Tinting and Frosting, as well as Print Media services. Contact us for a quote!
From indoor signage to outdoor signage, tinting and frosting, as well as car decals and magnetic signage; we do it all! We can help you create a logo design that stands out from the crowd.

Vehicle branding

For your car branding needs, Sharpline Graphix will help you create an everlasting impression through vehicle branding, which will help gain brand awareness. Vehicle branding is a profitable advertising method and one of many services we specialise in. Creating a brand identity through Sharpline Graphix will allow you to add personal touches to your vehicle in order to effectively promote your business. A vehicle body wrap is the fastest and most efficient way to promote your business. By trusting us to collaborate on your design, we promise that whenever you are stuck at the robot, or when you are waiting in traffic that you are gaining brand awareness to those who may be watching you from a distance. Your vehicle signature will create the desired exposure your business needs to target your target market. We customise car graphics from materials that accommodate your style and budget. From cut vinyl to digital print, you can customise your brand identity in any shape, fashion or style. Displaying your brand signature on your windows can be done through contravision, which can be applied by digital print signage onto your preferred window. In this way, creating an everlasting impression through a semi or full wrap customised with your preferred images is not a problem! You are the driver and we are your passengers. We are the GPS to guide you to your destination. We bridge you from where you are to where you ought to be. Sharpline Graphix is here to help you create something far more impressionable than what meets the eye. We are here to pin you to the map; to introduce you to a world of visual possibilities.


Tinting TokaiAt Sharpline Graphix, we customise indoor signage and outdoor signage. It is a cost-effective and creative way of promoting your brand. Businesses that are located in one of Cape Town’s many shopping centres require indoor signage to promote your business; Shaprline Graphix can help you grab the attention of customers who are nearby and gain brand power. Cut vinyl or digital print is an easy form of brand awareness and will help grab the attention of those clients’. Indoor signage is a great way to advertise your promotional sales and maintain the relationship between you and your customers’, and for those who have reached your storefront. Outdoor signage is constructed to promote your business on a larger scale and create an impressionable image. Outside signs have a larger visual impact, which helps gain a larger target audience. Both indoor and outdoor signage can be mounted with or without frames, and with or without spacers to create a 3D sign. Sharpline Graphix is an affordable signage company and we use high-quality materials to create Dibond signs, Aluminium signs, Glass signs, Perspex signs, ABS signs, correx signs, and snapper frames in order to accommodate your budget and style. You can create a standard of excellence for your business by allow Sharpline Graphix to help you develop a sign that uniquely original. Signage is an important aspect of business advertising. Signs and banners are a trademark and a first impression. It is what establishes your business apart from the businesses around you. Your signage tells your clients’ everything they need to know about who you are as a business and how well you maintain your image. Your signage is significant to your vision and it is important to create a brand identity that is designed to gain a larger target market.

Tinting and frosting

Sharpline Graphix will help you gain a level of elegance and worldliness from professional window tinting and frosting. It is a service that is suitable to promote your brand and business identity. Our tinting and frosting service is suitable for commercial and residential buildings, as well your own vehicle. You can create a custom signature through window tinting and frosting by adding personal flair that will  optimise the level of sophistication in the workplace; providing you with a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi and level of excellency. Window frosting is a process which consists of applying sandblast vinyl to glass partitioning, windows and doors. You can add decals, texts or patterns to your windows or vehicle, which will help create a sense of elegance to your design. Tinting is a film which is applied to the windows to prevent transparency and reduce the glare from entering the room. Together with frosting and tinting, you can create an office area that creates a peaceful environment, which helps you and your potential clients’ feel wholesome. You can now add subtle details to create your own office aesthetics or home environment. Tinting and frosting could also be used to personalise your home environment to help create privacy. You can create a level of privacy, as well as a level of safety and security without the hassles of unwanted curtains.

Print media

Our print media service will help you expose your business on a larger scale. Sharpline Graphix’s print media service suits your printing needs and provides many printing methods to gain a larger target audience. Our print media service offers to print business cards, flyers, brochures, leaflets, as well as training manuals to help promote and provide information about your business. By distributing business cards around town, passing leaflets to drivers on the freeway, placing flyers on the windows of other noticeboards in the area, we can help you attract unlimited exposure that every business needs to gain success. Our print media service will help you develop your target market in order to gain readership. Through gaining readership, you will also develop a target market that will remain loyal to your brand.

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“I have built a close relationship with Sharpline Graphix over the past few years and I will positively recommend them to anyone. They understand the competition in the motoring industry. Sharpline Graphix have always delivered results on time. The team is extremely knowledgeable and professional, therefore they are always willing and able to go the extra mile to achieve the maximum satisfactory results the motoring industry demands.”

-Jacques Fryer

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