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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the vinyl last?

“It depends on the way the vehicle is stored and how much the vinyl is exposed to direct sunlight. It should last no less then three years.”

Can I reuse the decals?

“Decals cannot be reused because it is permanent.”

How long will my sign last?

“The lifespan of a sign depends on whether it is indoor or outdoor and what materials it is made from. We only provide the best material for each case to extend the longevity of a sign.”

Can I use a picture from my business card?

“Our process requires a digital copy of your logo. Any artwork you require will need to either be in the format of: EPS, AI, PDF, or High Res.”



“Dean and the guys at Sharpline Graphix are great! Super prompt responses to all queries, and a generally professional outfit, coupled with a keen eye for detail in the installation, made these guys a pleasure to work with. We’ll definitely be using them in future again.”

Andre De Jager – Head of Link Way Church


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